Charlotte’s Way is a 17th century refurbished Georgian detached three bay two storey house built in 1753 with gabled central bay to façade with a modern porch and single bay two storey wing to the south and two bay two storey wing to the north. The house retains its original form and scale and its unusual roof line makes it a pleasing addition to the streetscape. Once known as Hill House, it is located in a prominent setting close to St. Paul’s Church of Ireland church. This house was once the home of Charlotte Bronte’s husband Mr. Nicholls who returned to Banagher after Charlotte’s death. This connection between Bronte, one of the most renowned writers of the nineteenth century is clearly revealed in its present name.
Arthur Bell Nicholls was orphaned at a young age and was subsequently brought up by his headmaster uncle in Banagher, and Charlotte and Arthur spent time in Banagher for their honeymoon in 1854. Bronte tragically died the following March when she was expecting a child. Her husband Arthur then looked after his father-in-law Rev. Patrick Bronte until Patrick’s death in 1861. Shortly after Rev. Bronte’s death Arthur returned to Banagher and settled in Hill House with his aunt Harriet Bell and her daughter Mary Anna. Arthur and Mary Anna were married in 1864 and lived happily in Banagher until his death in 1906 at age 87.